Microsoft Academic subscription key

The Microsoft Academic subscription key dialog box appears when you choose the Tools > Register Microsoft Academic Key command from the Publish or Perish main menu, or when you click OK in response to the WARN_MAS2KEY message prompt.

The dialog box directs you to the Microsoft Cognitive Services web site to obtain a (free) subscription key from Microsoft, then lets you enter the subscription key for Publish or Perish to use. Publish or Perish then presents this subscription key to the Micosoft Academic server each time it performs a query.

The dialog box contains the following fields:

Field name Description
(main text field)

Instructions on obtaining a Microsoft Academic subscription key. Please follow these instructions to register for a subscription key, then copy and paste the resulting key into the Subscription key field below.

Note: Make sure that you obtain an Academic - Preview subscription key from Microsoft; other subscription keys are not valid for Microsoft Academic queries.

Subscription key Paste the subscription key that you received from Microsoft in this field so Publish or Perish can use it during Microsoft Academic queries. If you previously entered a subscription key, it will be shown here.
OK Click this button to enter the subscription key for use by Publish or Perish, then close the dialog box.
Cancel Click this button to dismiss the dialog box without updating Publish or Perish's copy of the subscription key.

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