Publish or Perish Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are using the Publish or Perish software in one of your research articles or otherwise want to refer to it, please use the following format:

Harzing, A.W. (2007) Publish or Perish, available from

A 15-minute audio & slide presentation on citation analysis and Publish or Perish can be found on slideshare.

From publication to impact (slides) - 30 minute presentation (courtesy of Middlesex University, September 2014)


The development of the Publish or Perish software is a volunteering effort that has been ongoing since 2006. Download and use of Publish or Perish is and will remain free (gratis), but donations toward the costs of hosting, bandwidth, and software development are appreciated.

If you find Publish or Perish useful, then this is your chance to say "thank you" to the developers. Your donation helps to support the further development of Publish or Perish for new data sources and additional features.

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